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Meet your Menstrual cycle bestie 

Programmes, Master classes and workbooks to teach you everything you need to know about your menstrual cycle and learn simple lifestyle and nutrition tricks to live a life where painful periods and premenstrual syndrome won't be be something you will have to worry about every month. 

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Master class every week

Menstrual cycle charting

Ovulation is the main event of your cycle, not your period ! The first thing you need to do if you want to fix your PMS and period issues is to confirm that ovulation is happening on a regular basis (your period app cannot confirm that !). Join me in my live master class to become a pro at charting your menstrual cycle. 


Starting in September

Menstrual cycle reset

Fall edition 

Your 3 month group programme to kiss PMS and painful periods goodbye !

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Coming soon !

Cycle Power FiT

Learn how to eat and train to reach your fitness goals while in tune with your Menstrual cycle including how to adapt your calory deficit to each phase of your menstrual cycle for better and sustainable results. 

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Coming soon !

Hormonal acne

Learn how to heal your hormonal acne for good through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

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