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3 month group coaching starting in September

Menstrual Cycle Reset

Tired of painful periods ? Finding yourself  having to skip school or work every month ? Want to experience what a cycle without PMS feels like ? Then the menstrual cycle reset if for you ! We will work together to help you understand your cycle and what the root cause behind your menstrual issues might be to help you achieve sustainable results and learn how to fix your period for good !

Say goodbye to painful period
and PMS !

Your 3 month cycle transformation !

Month 1: Reducing inflammation
Prostaglandins inflammation is the main reason behind period cramps and the so called "period-poop".  You will follow a nutritious meal plan based on an elimination and anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce period cramps and spot what food triggers you inflammation. 
Focus of this month: Anti-inflammatory diet, cortisol conscious cardio and slow strength training. 

Month 2: Liver detox and gut support
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 
is caused by an imbalance between your progesterone and estrogen levels. The liver and gut play a huge role in estrogen detoxification/regulation and nutrients absorption for a healthy ovulation. 
Focus of this month: Support detoxification pathways support through proper diet and exercise

Month 3: Blood sugar balance 

Learning to keep your blood sugar balanced is key if you want to support a healthy ovulation, reduce pms symptoms and cravings. Our ovaries are very sensitive to insulin ! Blood sugar imbalances can interfere with ovulation, cause acne and so many other issues !
Focus of this month: Learn to balance your blood sugar through diet and a combination of adapted cardio and strength training workouts !

Menstrual Cycle Reset



Every month

Valid for 3 months

Monthly seasonal meal plan adapted to your cycle

Weekly grocery list and meal prep plan

120 min monthly support group call

Menstrual cycle charter to track your symptoms and progress

Low intensity cortisol conscious monthly workout plan

Limited spots !
Starts in October 

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You will also get access to your Menstrual Cycle Reset Workbook (28 days) :

  • Help you keep track of your progress and symptoms during the entire programme 

  • Identify what your food triggers are and how & when  to reintroduce them after the elimination diet

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Menstrual cycle reset ENG (11).jpg
Menstrual cycle reset ENG (11).jpg
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