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Master class every week


Ovulation is the main event of your cycle, not your period ! The first thing you need to do if you want to fix your PMS and period issues is to confirm that ovulation is happening on a regular basis (your period app cant confirm that !). Join me in my live master class to become a pro at charting your menstrual cycle.

Learn how to properly chart your menstrual cycle to confirm ovulation and know what phase you are in !

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What's included ?

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A 40-minute live video group master class with me where I will teach you :

  • Why you should chart your cycle ?

  • What you need to chart your cycle ?

  • How to properly chart your cycle ? Does and donts.

  • How to confirm ovulation ?

  • What is the luteal phase defect ?

  • What your BBT tells about your progesterone levels and hormonal health in general ?

  • How to know what phase of your cycle you are in ?

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Followed by a 30-minute questions and answers session around any...

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At the end of this class you will also get access to your menstrual cycle charter to help you keep track of your BBT, period flow and color, cervical fluid changes and so much more !

Your Basel Body Temperature (BBT) sheet to chart the different phases and confirm ovulation.

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