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Kiss PMS and painful periods goodbye ! 

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Cycle Power

Fatiha, 22 years, Morocco

Periods used to be overwhelming for me. Periods used to make me skip school and miss important events because I had to stay in bed experiencing sever pain all day. I used to experience fever, bowel problems, fatigue and pale skin while being on my period. I also used to overexercise before my period thinking it will help it flow better.
The problem was that I grew up believing that painful periods are something natural and normal. I also knew nothing about the menstrual cycle, nutrition and being in tune with our body until I found Salwa's instagram page. So I started educating myself and reading Salwa's advice and posts, using her food calendars and applying those information to my everyday diet. Many things have changed since then. Period cramps went from sever to light, period flow went from 6-7 days to 3-4 days which is amazing. And I also finally can go to school and work while being on my period. I am so grateful for this experience and chance.
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